Women Work at Home: 3 Uncomfortable Truths Discovered By One Stay At Home Mom.

Women Work at Home 101: Nuggets of Wisdom From One Once Stay At Home Mom.

Today, a great number of women work at home, particularly with advancements in technology. Several opportunities are available today than they were over a century ago. While the number of women who work from home has skyrocketed in the last decade, the vast majority are stay home moms.

This article there focuses on this cohort—the stay-at-home mom, and delves into some uncomfortable truths people often ignore; truths that are critically important.




Annette Tush and The “Women Work At Home” Club.

Born and raised in Uganda, Africa, the prospect of ever being a stay at home mom had never crossed my mind. After our daughter was born, I immediately hired a live in nanny.  Although maids can be a source of stress back in Uganda (or elsewhere for that matter), at least the chances of securing one, at an affordable price are high. After a few months of maternity leave, I went back to my daytime teaching job.  

When I moved to North America, it was a different story all together. I had always watched moms staying home with their kids but never understood why a sane woman would choose to stay at home. Here I was. Now a stay at home mom.

Why? Because after my one year of maternity leave, I discovered that even if I went  back to work, the money I was to get would not be enough to pay for the nanny or daycare. I was caught in a limbo. I became a stay home mom, not really out of choice but because of circumstances.

But this did not last long.  Here is why.  Because I strongly believe that for most women, (me inclusive),  staying home to just raise kids without any other source of stimulation or challenge can be daunting task. I therefore graduated and joined the “women work at home” club.

I tried different things—worked from home part time, started my online network marketing business, made money with AdSense and affiliate marketing, name it.

Through these experiences, I had my own share of "women work at home escapades", which are worth noting. Most of these facts (or truths) are often neglected and yet they are critically important.

Women Work At Home Fact #1: No mom should be judged for her choice to Work from Home.

There is a cult of individuals who expect moms to stay home with their kids and do nothing else. I have seen husbands shamelessly commanding their wives to stop working, not even from home.

While no one can deny that staying at home to raise your child and take care of the family is a great thing, through my own experience, I believe it is a very bad idea for most women to be full time stay home moms

In my view, dedicating sometime for undivided attention is great but stretching this period is not healthy for most women and their relationships. Please note that some time here is relative depends on the woman in question.

The question is; what is your limit— one month? 10 years? Go for it girl. You deserve to do what makes you happy.

Women Work At Home Fact #2: A good daycare is better for your child than Doing it Yourself 24/7.

I know most women will jump on this but let us get real here. Kids get to a stage where they need constant engagement and stimulating activities. If you are not savvy with kids like me, it is better you send them to day care instead of gazing on TV all day long, or fighting with them due to your lack of “child management skills”.

Working from home can be tough. At times, your child may not get the attention yet you are there, because you are caught up with your work. Wouldn’t it be better for the child to be away, and you stay with them for a few hours where you can give them undivided attention?

Women Work at Home Fact #3: Not all women can work from home.

Yup, that is right. Whether it’s a business or a job. This is especially true for perfectionists. They cannot seem to strike a balance: doing the housework, attending to their work, raising their child-remember all these have to be done perfectly. This can be a source of stress.

Of course, I cannot talk about those who need constant supervision, those who are not self-motivated, those who miss adult interaction, those who have to keep their mouths entertained…., etc.

Bottom line is: Do not do it, because you have been coerced to do it. Just do a quick assessment of yourself before you join this club. .

Women Work at Home Fact #4: It is more beneficial to you than to your child.

This actually came a pleasant surprise to me. When my youngest son became too noisy and I could not get much done on my home business, I took him to day care. He adjusted really well and even stopped missing me!

But I terribly Missed him!

While my baby was happily playing at the day care (probably not even thinking about me), I spent most of my time, thinking about him, wondering what he was doing, what new milestone he was taking etc. I lost out as mom: instilling my beliefs, my mother tongue, those cuddles etc.

Take Home Lesson For The Work At Home Woman


Bottom line is whether women work at home, simply stay at home or go back to their 9/5 job should be their choice but this is a choice they (women) should not take lightly. Either way, real women understand that your kids will always love you, as long as you take care of yourself and you do your very best.


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