Who is Your Woman Hero?


Who Is That Unsung Woman Hero in Your Life? 


Women heroes.... Ahaa, when you hear people talk about those powerful women who have done amazing things, famous women who have made this world a better place, who pops into your mind? Who is that woman that comes to your mind?

 Probably names like   Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Hillary  Clinton, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, Nagginda Nnabagereka, Indra  Nooyi, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, name it. The list is endless. 

Well, this page is a little different. It is for those unsung "sheroes", those women who no one will probably ever talk about, those women you know so well. The women who have taught you the true meaning of life on a personal level. Don't get me wrong. My aim here is not to minimize the extraordinary exploits achieved by these powerful women.  The truth is, even if I tried, I wouldn't succeed an inch. Why? Because it is like hiding a volcano.  Their achievements speak for themselves. 

With that said, however,  there are those women no one ever talks about. Those women without whom your life could have  taken a different turn,  a very painful one at that. It could be your mom, who laid it all down for you, maybe its your neighbor, your teacher, or even a stranger. That doesn't really matter. It is that real strong woman  who has touched you in more ways than you can ever explain. 

Those are the "sheroes" we are celebrating here. 

Why? Because they deserve it. That is the least you can do for them. And if they are still alive, it is better to let them know what they mean to you. Do not wait until it is too late. 

I have several of those women in life. And I will start with one obvious one, my mother. An iron woman yet with a heart of gold. A very resilient woman the world could ever offer. A woman who demonstrates what true love and sacrifice is. A true hero who did not have much, but gave everything she had (even that she did not) to her children. Yes, you have to read about this amazing woman.

7 Great Lessons I learned From My Mom About Love, Marriage and Life. 

Women-heroesHer name is Beatrice, aka "Biitu", or "Bitureesi" as many around the village call her.  

Married to my dad, a prospective architect  at~19 through an arranged marriage, she started on a journey that would bring joy, laughter and heartache. A journey that led me to conclude that she is my hero.  

What my mom went through, to ensure that we were catered for and how she did it is beyond my comprehension. 


I could take hundreds of pages writing about my mom, but for now, I just want to give you a tip of the iceberg. How she shaped my life, consciously or unconsciously. 


Click here to learn more about My Mom, My super hero. 


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