Get Involved In Our Women Empowerment Movement

Get Involved In Our Women Empowerment Movement

Everyone is capable of doing something, one-step at a time! 


Are you ready to join our Women empowerment movement? That is awesome because right here, on this website, there are three rewarding ways you can get involved. I applaud you for that and have utmost respect for you. 



"What is women empowerment? I thought you would ask. Soul Food For Real Women broadly defines it as dismantling the barriers that have for a long time stifled women’s equitable participation in all arenas. It involves  giving women and girls the tools, and work alongside them, helping them to use those tools to achieve even those things they never imagined possible. Because women can if given a chance.

Empowering women is such a multifaceted issue involving the social, the economic, the physical, the emotional and generally every aspect that surrounds women. Because of this complexity, many players who should be at the forefront think that they cannot do much. And that is DEAD wrong!

The good news is, there is no loss in empowering women.  Why? Because this noble drive comes with sweeping positive outcomes for the community. Women literally hold systems together, keeping them in balance, albeit , many deny this fact.

Three Ways To Get Involved In Soul Food’s Women Empowerment Drive:

A) Share Your Inspirational Story
B) Sponsor A Girl Child In Uganda
C) Join Our Women Economic Empowerment Team.

  1. Share Your Woman Empowerment Inspirational Story

There is nothing inspiring as reading a story, a story from a real woman, who has successfully navigated the challenge making you pull your hair. NOTHING! If you been through a situation, which at one time you thought you would not survive but you did, If you have some women empowerment quotes; if you have some humor to crack our bones- oh yes, laughter is music to the soul, please bring it on. You can share your story here, or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

  1.  Sponsor a Girl Child:

How can anyone talk about women empowerment if they do not empower girls through education? Who will become the real women of tomorrow if we do not invest in girls today?

As a product of girl child sponsorship,  this is a cause I am EXTREMELY passionate about. If I had not been sponsored, I would have probably dropped out of school at around age twelve, got married at such a tender age in some remote village at a tender age, maybe died in childbirth or  I maybe I would have been involved in child labor.

But I am here today, a real woman playing in the same field with those privileged kids—simply because of those amazing sponsors, women and men with big hearts. You too can change someone's life.  Learn more about our child sponsorship program here 

  1. Women Economic Empowerment Mastermind Team

This program is in the works and it will focus on women in my home village, kabale, Uganda.  Broadly speaking, this women economic empowerment initiative will be for real women, those strong women with an entrepreneurial mindset who already started a business but they are struggling to keep it afloat. These women should have children, particularly girls, whom they are trying to fend for.

This program is for women like my mom, who despite being Christian with strong beliefs around alcoholism, ventured into a brewing  business in order to support her 10 children. Women like my mother in law, who spared a small room in their house, working  tirelessly on her retail business to raise school for the orphans under her care. Women like Ruhiira, who have devoted themselves to a charcoal business, selling it by the roadside to put food at the take for her kids while her husband is camping at the local bar.  

These are the powerful , amazing real women we intend to support.  Send me a ticket here if this interests you.

And can I thank you enough? Thank you for supporting   these worthy women empowerment causes. Let’s show love to fellow  women by empowering them. We definitely cannot change the whole world, but we can surely do something.  


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”—Mother Teresa 


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