Soul Food For Real Women: You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

The Absolute Truth About The Beauty And Worth of Real Women.

Who are real women? Could you be one of them? The truth is, strong beautiful women are difficult to find, but the moment you come across one, you will immediately know that she is the one. And they know themselves. Not every woman fits into this category, but all women can determine to transform their lifestyles and become real women of substance. 

This is my wish for all women, the very reason this website was borne, so that  the world sees the worth of real women, but most importantly for real women to know their worth.

Since time immemorial, women have been pushed to the margins and their worth and wisdom are hardly acknowledged.  As a result, most have become paralyzed, resentful and eventually they have lost themselves. Indeed, how on earth is someone supposed to live if they are constantly condemned and defined by their looks, or what they do not look like? It is too much of a burden to bear.


Most women have turned to unhealthy ways of dealing with this pressure. Some have become antagonists, refuting the set standards, always fighting the media to the extent of going naked in public to promote self-acceptance. Yet others, the GULLIBLE have gone to extremes—endless amounts of exercise, unhealthy eating diets, botox and cosmetic surgery to conform to the set standards. But none of these coping strategies seems to be working. We must resist this BS. There must be a better way. I am here to walk with you on this journey.

Solid Advice For Real Women 

It doesn’t matter whether you are single or married, black or white, poor or rich, mom or struggling with infertility, skinny or obese, stay home mom, working woman or an entrepreneur, if you want to sail through life like real women, this website will give you tools. Tools real women have used over the years to defy the odds. Tools that have enabled them to feel beautiful, inside out.  This website takes you through a journey, to overcome your insecurities, and live the purpose you were destined for.

And there is no secret on how to do it. Over the years, I have come to the realization that self-love is the most important tool real women can ever use to liberate themselves.

And by this, I am not talking about this self absorbed, selfish love of being consumed by ourselves. I am talking about loving ourselves the way we are. The  love and respect for ourselves, that compels us to get out of our comfort zones, and make healthy choices for ourselves, for those we love and for our communities.

Listen very carefully here, this is not what society dictates, or your hubby or whoever has power over you, but simply because you want to do it. Real women get to a point and realize that there is more to life and there is more they can offer themselves and to the world. They decide to become active spiritually, physically, intellectually, morally and generally live better lives.

And, heck, even with botox and advancements in cosmetic surgery, there are things we can’t change, those we have to learn to live with. Apart  from rocking some good inched heels, for example, there is not much I can do about my height of barely 5 feet.

Real women know their boundaries, their strengths, their abilities, what they can change, and what they can’t. They learn to find peace within themselves and develop that confidence and bravery to stand up to the world. They also learn make healthy choices and change the things they have control over.

Today, women are faced with choices on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of the choices they make cause adverse effects to their lives. I want you to be honest with yourself here: 


What choices are you making? What is the driving force behind those choices? Do you want to continue with a lifestyle that will  drain you and lead to your early grave or you want to adopt a new style, that will add more years and happiness to you, your loved ones, and your community?

If this is your dream, I am ready. On this website, you will find extraordinary stories of women, just like you. Some of whom were at the verge of giving up, but completely transformed their lives by making simple steps. Ya, real women are not too comfortable with themselves.   They are not too happy with themselves. Although they are not driven by media, cultural norms or other bullies, they get to know what is right for them and they strive to achieve that.

They know they can be any size, as long as they are healthy.  If they have to work their butt off, they do it, not because they want to be thin and conform to the photo-shopped airbrushed images. They do it because they want to and it makes them feel good and healthy.


Dear friend, I strongly urge you to ditch  those things you have constantly heard that have made you feel less of a woman. Starting from today, you have to convince yourself that you are beautiful. Yes, you are a real woman who is beautiful and has a lot to offer the world. You are destined for greater things. Join me on this journey and let us liberate ourselves. What are your thoughts?

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