2 Ways To Prevent Marriage Relationship Problems

Real Women's Radical Approach To Marriage Relationship Problems      

While it is inevitable to encounter marriage relationship problems, real women have historically been seeking to unravel marriage mysteries sounding the marriage institution. How can something so beautiful bring so much pain and frustration? Personally, although there is tons of information out there, I had actually failed to find a convincing explanation for the problems encountered in marriage until I came across this quote  from a speech given by the  Archbishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali  at a wedding ceremony of one prominent couple:

                        "Marriage is a hallowed institution and it should not be undertaken
                         carelessly, lightly, or selfishly, but reverently and after serious thought”

The Archbishop's words shed some light, at least in part why there are so many marital problems. At this very wedding, one politician had tipped off the lovebirds; “By the time a marriage is two weeks old, there are grounds for divorce."  Sadly, this couple filed for divorce before celebrating their third wedding anniversary. This is no fiction. This is the lived experience of many couples. I am sure you can count a good number off your fingers as well.

2 Ways Real Women Employ To Prevent Marriage Relationship Problems

Marriage relationship problems

Drawing from my marriage experience of over 10 years, and from what I have read and observed over the years, I couldn't agree more with the  Archbishops’ message. Marriage relationship problems are largely a result of women carelessly entering into the marriage institution.

In fact, unlike what the above politician said, I strongly believe that even before the union, the grounds for divorce have already been laid. Real women are cognizant of this fact and they try as much as possible to plan for all eventualities.

Real women know that marriage is like a beautiful rose, which can bruise anyone who fails to handle  it with care. As a result, they proceed with caution and their approach to love and relationships is very different.  While this radical approach seems to be a risky path for most women, it could potentially save marriages. Here are the simple principles:

  1. Real Women scrutinize themselves, and potential partners before they Commit. They understand that it is better to stay single, than commit just because. Yes, they understand that marriage is not for the faint-hearted. As a result, they are very critical when trying to find that someone to walk with on this difficult journey. They know that in order for a marriage to work, they need a teammate. Marriages cannot thrive if they are one sided. After that infatuation phase is over, they know that real work will set in. They do not want to be taken by surprise.
  2.  Real women offer no guarantees: Because of the many complexities involved, real women cannot guarantee anything. They only promise to give it their all, and to do whatever it takes. Because their partners know that they can loose this great woman anytime, when marital problems arise, they are usually willing to work through them. And real women are not mere scare crows, they give themselves space if they need to, although they know that the journey is not easy. They are willing to risk it all, because real women know that they will always thrive. 

  Final Thoughts About Avoiding Marriage Relationship Problems

              "Marriage cannot be like a tree that organically grows… Building a marriage is more like               building a brick house.... A good marriage is not something that you find, you make it”.

These are the key words I picked from a one day marriage seminar by Gary Thomas, a renown best-selling Christian author  and speaker on building purposeful marriages I was blessed to attend the other week. This ties it all together. Whether you are a pagan, christian, Moslem, or from whatever walk of life, to me this is the very essence of avoiding marriage problems and potential divorces.  That  my friend is the only way to avoid marriage relationship problems.  And that, can only be achieved by real women, teaming up with real men.  

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