Real Women’s Approach to Love, Marriage and Relationships

Real Women’s Approach to Love, Marriage and Relationships

Most women, at some stage in their lives long  for  love, marriage and relationships. And who wouldn’t?

 If you have ever been in a healthy loving relationship for any length of time, you know that feeling very well, as if you are at the top of everything. You feel you can conquer the world and that other things do not really matter. However, when the relationship goes sour, it can shake you to the essence of your whole being. And this is where many women get it wrong.

The utmost test for real women is how they behave before they fall in love, when they are in love—especially in a marriage setting, and what they do when the relationship goes sour.

Real Single Women Waiting For Love and Relationships. 

I was fortunate to have found the love of my life at quite a tender age—at least in my judgment. And this means that I lack a lived experience in this area. While this is true, I have dear friends, sisters and close associates who have gone through this ordeal. It can be infuriating.  To think that no one seems to want to share love with you can cause feelings of anger, frustration and total rejection. Most single women have opted for bad choices, which they have lived to regret their entire lives.woman-dance

Real women are not like that. While they might be tossed around and about with these feelings, they soon realize that they cannot just live by waiting for Mr.  Right.

They move on with their lives. They know that whether he comes along or not, they will live their lives; happily. Real single women are sexy, happy and busy doing good in their communities. They are not feeling self pity, wondering what is wrong with them.  They do not settle for less, simply because time seems to be running out. My single friend, how are you living your life?

Real Women in Stable Marriage Relationships:

We could never exhaust the marriage and relationships concept; what to do, what not to do, how to build a successful marriage and so on. Real women know how to love and nurture loving marriage relationships. They do not take this institution lightly. They love their partners. They are sexy. They are hot.  They devour all information around marriage and building lasting relationships. They learn to balance  their careers and children, if they are blessed to have them. They stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones. They seek for healthy relationship advice. They are sweet like honey dripping from the combs. Building healthy relationships is so important for real women.But there is one critical aspect that sets them apart:

               Real Women Never Forget Themselves And Who They Are.


They know that their partners are not there to make them happy and fulfill them. Their cup of happiness is full and over-flowing. That is what they bring to the marriage. They set their limits and their spouses (though they might stray) know they have a treasure.

How do you view your marriage and relationships God has blessed you with? Are you taking it lightly? Are you doing the best you can? Do you feel there are areas you need to improve upon?

Right here, on this website, you will find all the inspirations to take your  marriage and relationships to the next level.

How Real Women Handle Marital Problems And Abusive Relationships. 

Unfortunately, especially today, because of the many demands and pressures, marriage relationships often become volatile. For most women, particularly those with a strong religious background, they whole-heartedly embrace the “forever and for worse” notion.

Abusive relationshipNot real women. While they give their marriage their all, they know that they deserve better. To them, it does not matter how their friends are fairing in their relationships-whether they are being battered or facing horrendous atrocities. What matters to real women is how they feel. They know their limits and they cannot be pushed beyond those limits. They know the signs of a healthy relationship and a volatile one. They may not stand what lonely married women go through.

It doesn’t not mean that real women rush for divorce.  Rather they weigh all their options. They try to salvage their relationships through marriage relationship counseling and other avenues.  They do all they can, within  in their power to save their love and marriages and even try to  prevent these marriage relationship problems  from occurring.

Fortunately for them, they know that they cannot do this at the expense of their lives and health. Real women are not swung around a like pendulum. They either find a place within their hearts to peacefully come to terms with what is happening or they carefully plan their exit strategy. How would you rate marriage  relationship today?  Is it worth saving? Can you find peace within that relationship? Is your partner giving you the respect you deserve? Are they willing to work on their issues for the sake of the relationship?

As a real strong woman, thriving in marriage and relationships which are edifying, these are my words of wisdom: “If you feel tension with your partner on a daily basis, it is time to do yourself a favor, move out and call it quits”. That is what real women do.

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