Shocking Women Weight Loss Hard Facts Every Real Woman Ought to Know

3 Often Neglected Women Weight Loss Barriers: How and Why Every Real Woman Should Overcome Them.

women-weight-lossSearching for women weight loss information? Let me warn you. This information is not for the faint-hearted. Right on this page, you will find uncomfortable truths about obesity and being overweight. I will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and attain your ideal weight—that is what real women do! I am not sugar coating anything because my goal is definitely not to make you feel good.

Quite strange from someone who believes that all women are beautiful and should be happy in their skin, right?  You might call it double standards, and you are right.

While I acknowledge that real beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and while I believe that every woman has the right to be as skinny or as fat as they like,  it doesn't change the fact that being fat and overweight is unhealthy.

I know from my science background that too much of anything is not always good. (Although too little can also be a problem. I will leave that for another day.)

Right off the butt, let me be explicit: I want you to understand the difference between big, healthy and beautiful and being big (or fat), unhealthy and beautiful.  My ultimate goal here is to challenge you to attain your ideal healthy weight.

You heard right....

I am not talking about being skinny. There are some women who can never be skinny and who do not even wish to be skinny. But you have to understand that there is a huge difference between being big-boned and being overweight. We must confront the fact that  being overweight is just bad for us and for our health. I want that to make us uncomfortable and we do something about it!! As much as most people believe that beauty is on the inside, what is on on the outside definitely affects what is on the inside!

Where Obesity and Women Weight Loss Problems Begin And Why You Should Care


As I write, I am probably 10 pounds heavier than what I should be. Not because of childbirth, (as if that is an excuse, but it would definitely be a legitimate one) but because of my bad habits.  Of late, I have developed this love for baking. While baking in itself is not bad, I tend to consume the biggest share of my sweat. This has actually become a source of friction between me and the three little men in my household! Unfortunately, my trips to the swimming pool and zumba classes have steadily diminished. But listen to this annoying part:  I do not feel good about myself. I try to find tops that conceal my tummy. I am not comfortable in my own skin and health wise I do not feel good.

That is the real problem!

Let me ask you a question: If I told you that there is something you could do to add just one more year to your life span, would you do it? Heck, I would without giving it a thought. Not that I fear death(-although I do,) but mainly because there is so much more I still have to offer this world.

I am sure you also have enough reasons to want to be alive! It is time to do a soul search and uncover those things that have led you where you are, and decide to change. Below, I uncover 3 main factors that hamper women weight loss efforts:

Women Weight Loss Barrier # 1: Culture
Could it be your culture that condones big and curvy women? Remember, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you achieve those curves through a healthy lifestyle. There are many  beautiful big women. The question is, are they healthy?

As a young mother, I remember striving to add some pounds because I felt that society would respect me more. Yes, as a mother and as a wife, my culture expects you to gain some weight.  In my efforts to attain this goal, I literally exploded! It took me a lot of energy and frustration to reverse the trend.

Real women should condemn such societal beliefs, which are promoted at the expense of women’s health. Being overweight should make every woman uncomfortable —Period!


Women Weight Loss Barrier #2: False Hope

Are you a victim of popular self-acceptance gospel? Most overweight fat women are given false hope. Whenever they feel bad about themselves, they find solace in the readily available information that tells them to feel good and ignore the big-mouthed bullies.

I want to challenge you to wake up from that denial.  Real women accept the flaws they cannot change but strive fearlessly to find solutions for those they are able to change—particularly those with diverse health effects. You should love yourself enough, and strive to make yourself better. Women weight loss programs are everywhere these days.

Women Weight Loss Barrier #3: Insurmountable problems

Could it be stress related? Maybe you have lost a dear one and you seem to be finding comfort in food? Have you been disappointed in one way or the other? Are these barriers causing you to use unhealthy coping mechanisms?  Could it be your relationship, or career that keeps you awake?  Are you poverty stricken, thus ending up with whatever junk?

Well, there are many legitimate reasons that dampen women’s weight loss efforts. But sooner, rather than later, you need to wake up from your slumber.

Women Weight Loss Strategies To Overcome Obesity. 


women-weight-lossThe fact is, real women are faced with these circumstances on a daily basis. The only difference is that although they can be FAT, they are not happy about it.  Not at all!

And they do not sit on the couch all day long sulking and whining about how FAT they are.

Heck, they know that they should be HEALTHY. They start working on simple steps to achieve that goal. They have their own litmus test:  They know they are not eating well or that they are not active enough. They decide to do something about it!

 The other day, I was watching the Biggest Loser- an American TV reality show. I saw these incredible women whose lives had been altered by obesity! Some had high blood pressure and diabetes, one particular lady was told that she might never conceive, low self worth, constant pain and stress were constant visitors for these women. They had lost hope.

What a great transformation it was for these women to confront their demons. They followed a very tough and intense women weight loss challenge to gain control over their lives.  Excess fat is that bad. That is a fact.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, Obesity accounts for about 18% of all deaths in the United States.

This trend is on the rise worldwide. Of late, in my dear country Uganda, many young women my age (oh ya, I do consider myself very young and sexy♥) are just dying for no apparent reason. While death can occur to any of us at any time, there are some deaths that are preventable by loosing a few pounds.

With the middle class life style, where families can afford luxuries like fast foods, instead of the local boiled food;  riding in air-conditioned cars, instead of  walking and chasing after “boda bodas” and taxis, the risks have doubled.

But there is still hope!

Real women  are hunting down for women weight loss tips and information they can come across. They are are condemning any trend that leads women to engage in unhealthy behavior—be it being too skinny or too fat! They know that their health is important and they are doing everything possible to lose weight and fight obesity.

You also have the power to transform your life. You have the potential to be a real woman. Excess weight and fat should not control you and should not be celebrated. You should not be comfortable about it. Neither should I or any woman. Join me on this journey as we strive to attain healthier and happier lives!

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