Your Chance to Sponsor a Child And Advance Girls Education.

Your Chance to Sponsor a Child In Uganda And Advance Girls Education.

When You Educate a Girl, You Educate a Nation”-UNICEF

It is that simple. And right here, on this page, you have a chance to do that, a chance to change a girl’s life, one day at a time. 

“When You Educate a Girl, You Educate a Nation”-UNICEF


  1. Have you been looking for an opportunity to do some good?
  2. Are you passionate about girls and helping them overcome various confounding barriers?
  3. Do you have children and want to show them what it means to give to those in need and not to take what they have for granted? 

You have an amazing opportunity to do it right here, by sponsoring a girl child, from my home village in Kabale, Uganda. My priority goes to girls, but you can sponsor a boy, if that is what you want ♥. They are amazing too and I am in contact with several who are in need.  

Where My Passion For Girl Child Sponsorship Began.

Child sponsorship is something I am passionate about mainly for one reason: Without the generous support of my amazing sponsors, people without much, but with big hearts, I would not be here today.

Although  I had both parents, they were unable to pay my school fees. I remember after completing middle school, regardless of being one of the two best performing students in my class, I was condemned to drop out of school. I detested this reality with a roaring passion. It is at this point that a miracle happened; a good Samaritan came to my aid. From there, I got many amazing sponsors, one after another.  By the time I completed high school, I even had an abundance, which I passed to my younger brother who was struggling at the time.

This whole experience transformed my life in tremendous ways. I remember so vividly one time after my sponsor gave me my school fees: “What can I ever do to pay you back and show you how grateful I am?” I fumbled amidst my sobs. “Make sure you do your best and when you are able, pay it forward”, was his response with his charming smile, followed by a warm nice hug.  This is the engine, the motivation that propels me every day.

This year, 2016, I resolved to set up the Real Women Girl Sponsorship Fund to support girls in need in my home village Kabale, Uganda. For starters, this fund aims at sponsoring 10 girls before the year ends. The girls are either orphans or have guardians/parents who are struggling to keep them in school. These are my family members—nieces, cousins, sisters and complete strangers.

The criteria  is very simple. For complete strangers, I mainly consider ability, academic performance and good manners while for relatives and family members, the rules are a bit flexible. For some, I have to support them regardless of academic strength because there is really no other viable alternative. 

Today, my husband and I are committed to one orphan girl in secondary (high) school. We have several others we help out intermittently, but wish we could do more. However, as you might already know, in Africa, sometimes the needs of your extended family can be overwhelming.

And that is a good thing because that gives you an amazing opportunity!

How You Can Sponsor A Girl Child 

Imagine, if after several years, even if you are  no longer on this planet, just imagine someone saying that because of the sacrifice you made, because of your support,  they were given a chance at life. What a legacy! Soul Food For Real Women presents to you that awesome opportunity.  

It is simple. Unlike other sponsorship programs, these are some of the benefits of Real Women Girl Sponsorship Fund:  

  1. No hassle
  2. No administrative costs
  3. You are in direct contact with the family/child 
  4. No full commitment unless you want to
  5. You get a chance to travel and meet your sponsor child
  6. You can connect with some of my amazing family members
  7. You will be part of the AnnetteTush cozy family
  8. You can be featured on our sponsorship page and be given some thumbs up. 

The benefits are endless…..

Fees range between $800 - $2000 per year. The amount varies depending on the girl in question and the school they attend. It is preferred that payments are made in three installments according to the school terms/semesters, or in a lump sum.  More or less is welcome, especially more because girls always have extra needs. 

This program is pretty flexible: You can do a onetime contribution, or commit to a certain amount of time.  You can just contribute what you have and chip in on basic needs like shopping, scholastic materials, pocket money etc.  You can choose one of my relatives, or a complete stranger. I am not touching your money. Be rest assured that it will go to its cause.

I will simply screen the sponsor and connect them to the ideal child/family depending on the needs of both parties. The sponsor will always be in the loop, and will be given fees bills, and updates about the performance of the child. Many details are unfolding, but this is how it roughly looks like.


We have a BROCHURE with rules,  which both parties should adhere to, as well as other regulations.

If this interests you, if this is something you can see yourself doing, please do contact me here for the details and to receive a brochure.  Ask as many questions you can possibly think of. This is my promise to you.

This could be the most meaningful and rewarding adventure you have ever undertaken in your entire life. You will love it.

 Will you help me attain this goal of sponsoring 10 girls by the end of this year? Will you allow yourself to do something you have wanted to do for a long time? Remember, procrastination kills, do it today. Contact me now.

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