Sensational Career Advice For Women Who Want To Achieve Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Sensational Career Advice For Women: 4 Ways To Overcome Myths Sabotaging Your Career Goals

Since time immemorial, career advice for women has been marred by injustices.  There is differential treatment, based on sexual identity, causing women not to have the freedom to choose what they would want to do. And that is a huge problem.


While I believe that there are some inherent biological characteristics which make most males physically stronger than their female counterparts and that this difference ought to be taken into consideration when assigning roles, what I find disturbing is the context in which these roles are assigned. The universalization of this treatment without considering individual differences has resulted into wrong career advice for women and this has affected women in profound ways.

Let’s set the facts straight: It really doesn’t matter what career women decide to pursue; a manager in the national bureau of statistics, a house wife baking cookies, a stay home mom, a politician holding one of the most admired positions in the world, an engineer, a CEO of a multimillionaire company , a part time work at home job that gives the woman flexibility to be with her kids and so on.

"What matters is removing the barriers, the stigma and the judgments so that women can do what they want to do without any fear. It is about choice. Yes, real women can succeed at any career they want if given the opportunity!"



Here is the good news. Real women discovered the real secret long time ago. They know that they can do anything they put their hearts to. They can have any career they want, if they try hard enough. They go against the cultural norms, the biological and systemic cultural barriers to attain their career dreams. We have seen real women defy the odds and do extraordinary things, which were dreamed impossible. I am sure you can count a number of such women off your fingers. All women deserve this chance.

I know I might sound cheesy, but I have seen this unfold in my very own eyes. As long as you want something so badly, God (or the universe as some prefer to call it) will give you what you ask for.

Career Advice For Women Who Want To Beat The Odds.

I have already stated that there are cultural, biological, systemic and other barriers that sabotage women. However, it all comes back to you, my dear friend. With the right tools and the right information, you can overcome these barriers. Here is the information you need:

Career Advice For Women #1: Define What You Want To Be
Do not let your age, previous failures, haters, name it define your career choices. Just close your eyes and imagine what your perfect life would look like 5, 10, 50 years down the road. What would make you happy? Sometimes the picture might be hazy, but things usually unfold along the way. You might need to seek input from a friend or a coach but try and define what you want to be.

One word of caution here—You might have to keep it real. For instance, although miracles do happen, with my height of barely 5 feet, chances of becoming a model are very slim. You must understand those barriers you have no control over draw from your other strengths to achieve your goals.

Career Advice For Women #2: Believe in Yourself
Yes You Can. This should be your daily song. It is difficult to unlearn these internalized beliefs, especially when society keeps pinning you down. Real women believe in themselves. They surround themselves with people who encourage them to go after their dreams. They get inspirations from other real women who have done it before. But most importantly, they distance themselves from toxic relationships which keep pulling them down.

Career Advice For Women #3: Keep Trying, Never Give Up.
Whatever opportunity you have, do your very best. Even when you face challenges, do not despair. I have actually come to understand that those set backs you face; those challenges are meant to bring you closer to your desired career goals. True, at times, you might have to change your strategy, but winners never quit.

Career Advice For Women #4: Make Informed Decisions.
Things do not just happen. You have to have a vision and then plan on how to get there. For instance, if you are in North America and your dream is to become a CEO of a major cooperation, you have to think very hard on the choices you make.

For instance, you have to decide whether you want to have children or not; how many should you decide to have and when? Depending on your support systems, producing kids may sabotage your career. Kids drastically change women’s lives in terms of time, resources, energy, emotional being, and even physical appearance! If you are to achieve this CEO career goal, you know that you cannot afford to take that many days off over the years even if you have the opportunity. That depletes your seniority and drags the process.

In other words, not very many people have their cake and eat it as well. This is one career advice for women that is often ignored. You must know what you are to give up in return for your career dreams. If you do not sort out this piece, regret or resentment will set in along the way and this can sabotage your success as well.

Career Advice For Women #5: Women In Power May Sabotage Your Career Dreams
You heard right. Fellow women are not necessarily the ones to open doors for you. While I have seen women who look out for other women, I have equally seen women who literally sabotage other women’s careers. Indeed, objects who should support women’s careers can at times consciously or subconsciously continue to oppress their fellow women whom they are supposed to emancipate.

So what do real women do? They keep all their tentacles up. They know that somehow, somewhere, someone to propel them on their journey, whether man or woman will appear.

Lessons From One Amazing 47-Year Old Real Woman And Her Music Career

Back in 2009, I watched the most captivating 7 minute video. I could not help it. My eyes were just watering. I gazed at this amazing 47 year old woman and could not believe it. This video has stayed with me. Almost after a decade, this woman inspires me and even when I am about to give u, I pick up mu pieces and move move on.

If you have any single doubt in your mind about what you are capable of doing, you don't want to miss this video.

This is the greatest career advice for women of all time. Yes you can! Dish what you have believed over the years and accept one simple truth. The truth that women can attain any career goal regardless of the circumstances. We have to unlearn those internalized beliefs and unsuspecting thoughts which keep convincing us that we can’t. We have to keep problematizing the socially constructed stereotypical ideologies which are mediated by culture and perpetuated by different individuals, male or female to sabotage women’s advancements in many careers.

Yes We Can!

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