8 Simple Steps To Build A Profitable Home Based Business Web Site

Building A Home Based Business Web Site: 8 Simple Steps For Women With No HTML Knowledge.

Home Based Business Web SiteThere are various reasons why women strive to build a home based business web site. Indeed, this is one of the best internet home business ideas for women. While almost everyone knows the importance of building a website, and wants to build one, most are intimidated by the whole process.

I am here to tell you that it is not as difficult as you imagine.  This article provides the missing link and ignites the fire that has been burning in you.You too can do it!

Please note that I am not expert, I have no HTML or coding knowledge whatsoever. I am just sharing with you what I have followed over the years to make a substantial amount of income online.

It is my wish for all women reading this post to build their personal website, if they have desired to do so. Why? Because women  have incredible knowledge and advice which can bless others. Better still, they can make money in the process or just have it for fun. As much as social media is great, having your own website puts you in control and you can benefit from your efforts years to come.

There are many kinds of websites: Product- based websites or blogs, single page sites for marketing aka capture page/sales page, content-based sites and so on. Ultimately, the kind you build depends on its purpose. If you want to make money, you must treat your home based business web site like a real business and work your butt off.

Below, you will find simple steps on how to build a content-rich home based business web site, like this very one you are reading. You will also find other internet home business ideas and resources to broaden your understanding. Once you have gotten a grip of things, come back and buy me a margarita ♥.

Five Steps for Building A Successful Home Based Business Web Site

1. Find a Topic You Are Utterly Passionate About.
The first crucial step to building a home based business web site is to find a topic you are knowledgeable about, or a topic you can see yourself researching about and writing compellingly about for hours, weeks and years. This topic is technically referred to as your niche. There are millions of topics—special needs, cooking, gardening, traveling, parenting, divorce, your favorite beach; you are just limited by your imagination.

2. Set Up a Hosting Account:
Hosting is like store where your website is housed in order to be available on the internet. I use HostGator. There are other companies such as Bluehost, Godaddy etc. You can start with any as you learn about the ins and outs of each.

3. Buy a Domain name:
This is basically your online address. Like www.AnnetteTush.com. You can buy a domain name from your hosting company, or use a different company. I usually buy my domain names from GoDaddy. Make it simple, and sweet. It should reflect your brand or your business.

4. Install WordPress
WordPress is a website/blogging tool that thousands of writers use. In your host’s back office, you will find instructions on how to install or upload WordPress. You can set it up as a blog ( if you want it to be more personal and informal) or as a website (if you want it to be more authoritative). Your home based business web site can also have a blog, just like mine. In other words, you can have two in one.

5. Perform A Keyword Search:
Within your niche or topic, there are hundreds of words people are searching for. You want to get a blue print of such words (about 100 or 200) which you will need to write your content. Although there are many keyword search tools, some come with a hefty price. The free Google Adwords keyword search tool should give you a good number to start off with.

6. Write Quality Content On A Regular Basis:
Your writing will basically make or break your home based business web site. If you are bored with  your own articles, chances are that other people will be bored as well. If you are not sure, ask for feedback from a friend or from various related forums. For your articles, include each key word you are targeting in the title, url , first paragraph and a few interspersed in the rest of the page. Provide that high quality content on a consistent basis—daily is the ideal for a new home based business web site.

7. Promote Your Home Based Business Web Site On Social Media
Once you have about 30 articles /blog posts and you are happy with the way your story is unfolding, hit social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform where your potential clients could be hanging out. Interact with the community and be sure to follow the best social media etiquette.

8. Collaborate With Others
Do a thorough search of blogs/home based business websites in your niche. Promote them. Link to them if they provide value. Leave comments on their articles. Make yourself an authority in your niche. Join related forums for the same cause. Most publishers will do the same for you. Oh ya, they will pay it forward.

9). Monetize Your Visitors
If you follow the above steps, people will come. Now, it is time to make some money! Check out the websites of other members in your community to see how they make money. You could try affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, selling your own products or services. If you you do this on a consistent basis, in about 1- 3 years, you should have some reasonable full-time income online.

Alternative Ways To Build A Home Based Business Web Site.

Although the outlined steps are very simplified, many women still get overwhelmed. When I first started, I needed a step by step guide on how to build my website. I needed someone to tap me on the shoulder and show me what to do.

I was luck to find a company called Site Build It. This company has all the above tools in one place and they guide you all the way. It is the company I used to build my first website.

If you choose to follow the above steps, don't despair. Devour all the information you can find. Check out all the free videos I have gathered for you. Head over to YouTube and watch more videos. Bottom line is, your home based business web site can give you financial freedom as long as you do not give up.

Best of luck.

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