Business Ideas For Women: Inspirations From Childhood Memories

Business Ideas For Women: Inspirations From One Woman's Childhood Fraudulent Scheme


There are thousands of business ideas for women today than were available a couple of years ago. With advancements in technology and activism for equal rights and opportunities for men and women, the possibilities are endless. Women can tap into businesses which were traditionally reserved for men, as well as those “suitable" for women—whatever those are.  

But that is where the problem lies…. 

Because the possibilities are endless, most women think that they can build successful businesses. WRONG! I have discovered that most women do not have what it takes. This by no means is meant to scare you, because there are entrepreneurial business women out there. Rather, this is to give you facts so that if you are to venture into this path, you are prepared. These business ideas for women, just like any business out there require more than what most people imagine.

You might be thinking about money. But that is far from the real problem because there are various grants for women and other funding sources if one is determined. It is not about location, space, type of business, name it.

It is about one thing—that entrepreneurial spirit, that burning drive, that sensation of wanting something so bad, and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. It does not just come from nowhere. It is within this person. They know that they either get to do what they want or they die trying—they risk it all.

Sadly, most women do not  have this trait. And one cannot really blame women. In many cultural contexts, many women are shielded from taking risks and other challenging tasks. The ground is never leveled. Big problem indeed. This is even more true for those from privileged backgrounds. To confound a bad situation, for  women who choose to have families responsibilities and family commitments take a toll on them.

But I have some good news. Real women are not limited by these circumstances. Once they decide that building a business is what they want to do, they beat all the odds and keep moving.

How Early Years Prepare You for Success in Business Ideas for Women 

Even as a young child, I knew that being an entrepreneur, owing my own business is what I wanted to do. I admired my mom. Seeing her go at length, making endless attempts at various business  ideas for women, (at times failing miserably ) to support her ten children, and her husband( my dad) made me admire her even the more. I wanted to be like her, but more successful.

My very first business venture was when I was about 10 years old, not quite typical business ideas for women,( and definitely not for minors)  at the time. I had saved some money to buy knitting thread to make crochets for sale. After months and months of saving, I finally had enough, and I was excited to go and finally get the thread to start on my project. On the way, there, lo and behold, I met these young men, who in that instant seemed as if they were sent by God to help me kiss goodbye to my financial problems.

The young men were playing cards by the roadside, and the cool thing is that one would make money while playing this simple game, something I had never seen before. I stood there and watched for a few minutes. My blood was racing in veins. It was now or never. I gathered myself and started playing.

My first attempt was startlingly impressive! I spotted the right card, and the men handed over the money I had won to me. It for sure tasted sweet. I considered leaving, but what fool would leave such a fortune? The math was simple, bet more and win more. And that’s exactly what I did. In an instant, though, something strange happened! The card I thought I had spotted was blank! And the men took all the money. I was left with NOTHING! I almost fainted. Sweat covered my whole being. I don’t know how I found myself back home, wailing like a baby.

Thankfully, my mom, was very understanding, bless her heart. She assured me that I would get more but cautioned me to be careful in future. I later learned that it was a gambling game, called wakereeba, and the police were hunting down for the culprits who had been defrauding people.

 How Failure Fuels Persistence While Pursuing Business Ideas For Women 

This very venture became a foundation for my business ventures. I knew from a tender age that if you get a bad dream, that does not prevent you from sleeping again. I have since made risks, some of them have paid off, others have been with minimal success while others have continued to be losses. But never ever have I ever thought of giving up.




“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.”—Jack Canfield.

I am sharing honest personal experiences of some of the businesses I ventured into, including network-marketing, affiliate marketing, online business book publishing, stock exchange and small-scale offline retail businesses.

One main lesson I have learned is never ever to give up! You may have to rethink your strategy, tweak plans, but never ever give up! Really, if you are determined and have the right mindset, you do not need to be limited to business ideas for women. You can venture, take risks and see where your passion is.  The possibilities are endless.

That is my inspiration to you.

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