Share Your Healthy Realtionship Advice And Tips With Real Women

Real Women Share Healthy Relationship Advice With Fellow  Women

A healthy conversation is half the problem solved.”

healthy-relationship-tipsWhy share your healthy relationship advice and secrets with women here? Because "sharing is caring”, right? And because real women, unlike cowards want to uplift their fellow women. They want to see other women maintaining healthy relationships. 

Soul Food for Real Women gives you an opportunity to share what has or not worked for you.

Yup! You heard right. You are welcome to contribute and give healthy relationship tips to women, some of whom are living in toxic relationships.

Does this sound like mockery to you? How you can offer relationship advice for women when your own relationships are failing miserably?

Listen attentively my friend…. You are more knowledgeable than you think. Amidst those slates of failure are nuggets of healthy relationship advice and tips most women crave for. Truth be told. The best marriage relationship advice I have ever received was from real women in NOT so good marriages that surrounded me while growing up. 


Forget about the sprawling healthy relationship advice on the web, from strangers who have never built any meaningful relationship. There is nothing that beats the “I have been there” voice. The reason why your in put is invaluable.

Useful Healthy Relationship Advice Topics 

We could use some advice around: 

  1. Signs of a healthy relationship
  2. Marriage relationship advice
  3. Women empowerment quotes 
  4. Inspirational quotes for women.
  5. Women dating advice
  6. Advice for single christian women
  7. How to save my marriage relationship
  8. The place of love in relationships 
  9. Women abuse and violence against women
    Or any other meaningful topic you feel comfortable discussing. 

And here is the best part….

You can ask any question about building healthy relationships and receive input from myself and our dear real strong women who visit this website. Can it get better than that?

Please note:
Submissions that are xeroxed, disrespectful and defamatory to women, sales pitches and outright promos will not be published. Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before posting:

  1. How can my experiences benefit  a fellow woman?
  2. How did I overcome a tough situation in my relationship?
  3. What useful resources have I come across?
  4. Do I have rib-cracking stories that have enriched my life?
  5. How have my prior experiences shaped my stance?
  6. Am I am an objective person or I simply push for my ideas?


Without further ado, let the fun begin

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