Real Women and Shared Responsibility in A Healthy Love Relationship

Real Women and Shared Responsibility in A Healthy Love Relationship

Congratulations! You have finally landed someone—a boyfriend, hubby, partner, name it! You are truly in love. But "love" is not ENOUGH. Real women know the true recipe  of a healthy love relationship— not being used, or taken for granted is one of the main ingredients. This article therefore focuses on this shared responsibility in healthy relationships. 


 While it is unrealistic to expect partners to play equal roles in healthy love relationships, the problem today is that in many relationships, the sole responsibility is  left to the woman. This is more so in marriage. For most husbands, once they provide for the family, they take the back seat and assume that they have fulfilled their duty.  Yet again, real women understand that there is more to marriage than money. While a bigger check has its place in a healthy love relationship, many men give it too much emphasis. Moreover, even for those men whose wives bring in a bigger check, they expect the wife to do the bulk of the work. That is absurd.  Why must the bulk of the relationship fall on the wife—kids, house chores, well being of spouse, name it. A healthy marriage relationship, like any love relationship  must be two ways, where both partners draw from each other’s strengths to enrich a relationship.

Healthy Love RelationshipSadly, most men are just too bloody lazy to think about other aspects of the relationships, beyond the financial aspect. They might know that something is not right, and needs some immediate attention but they keep hoping that problems will magically go away. They rely on false hope. At worst, they leave the bulk of the work to be done by the lady in lives. They expect the woman to work through it, even when it is clear that the man ought to take the upper hand.

And guess what, when women do what they know best, like complain, the relationship gets worse because they are considered as nags.

Unfortunately, by the time men wake up, it is usually too late. Men might think that they are getting away with such stuff, but that never happens. Real women have their limits. They unswervingly disconnect emotionally and that always comes back to haunt the relationship. In a healthy love relationship, no one should feel used.

Here are some questions for you:
Is the man in your life a real man that strives to make things work and finds ways of resolving issues? Is he work in progress like all real men, or he is an egocentric maniac who thinks that women are created for his service? If you have not commitment yourself to such a man, it is probably time to take a step back and reconsider what you are getting yourself into. If you are already in a committed  marriage relationship, it is time to find ways of setting your limits, before it is too late. And if your gut tells you that yours is not a healthy love relationship,  it probably is not. Seek help.  

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