Awakening The Power Of A Woman in Ordinary Women

How To Awaken The Power Of A Woman In Ordinary Women Like You.

Power Of A Woamn The power of a woman, or more accurately, the inner strength of a woman is the one key attribute, the best friend, the very anchor she will ever need to sail through life.

If there is anything I have observed in the few decades I have been on this planet, it is how life can at times be brutal. Particularly for women. Unfortunately, often times, there is no sugar or water to make lemonade. A very perplexing situation indeed.

Over the years, I have interacted with women from all lifestyles. I have been lucky to walk a mile in their shoes. Through my work with battered women, survivors of torture and everyday women like you and me, I have shared in the most intimate experiences. I am telling, women go through a lot. And I mean A LOT. There is nothing as powerful as that strength of a woman. That woman you see next door, your workmate, your gym trainer, your boss, your nanny, has seen a lot. Most women are carrying or have carried burdens beyond comprehension, such as:

Loss of a loved one; death of a child, spouse, or even a pet etc

Sexual Abuse, or women abuse in intimate partner relationships

Setbacks in career advancements, joblessness and associated rejections

Health related challenges including cancer, heart disease

Divorce challenges and unstable marriages

 Rejection Induced Stress in Women

Barrenness, infertility and not finding love

Body image- too short, too big, not quite the right size of boobs

Name it...

Though I cannot claim that I have had the worst experiences, I have definitely had my share of lemons. Some, I have never been able to find plausible explanations as to why they happened, which can be quite frustrating. One notable example is the loss of our daughter, Audrey who passed on at one year. I was never warned. I was not prepared. Never in a million years would I have thought of losing a child at such a tender age. My only child then. But there, I was.  

Why Every Woman Needs To Awaken "The Power Of A Woman" In Them. 

Situations such as these happen to women every single day. The only difference is how we respond to such challenges. Most women start feeling sorry for themselves. They focus their attention on the most deadly questions: Why me? What did I do to deserve this?  Terrible mistake.

Real women know that although they are hitting the real bottom, although they are traversing the lowest place one can ever imagine, they trust in the power of a woman. They know that deep there below the darkest terrain, there in the deepest waters, they trust there is some solid ground and somehow, they know that they can climb again. And they always do.  

Quite often, most women get caught up in their own circumstances. They forget that whatever they are facing is common to other women. They look at other power women and their achievements and start rationalizing. They convince themselves that life comes on a silver platter for these powerful women. That is an illusion.

                      Indeed, it is very easy to admire and even envy those who finish the race,
                      but looking at the incline they faced always puts things back into perspective.

There is onpower-woman-2e absolute truth you need to embrace: Right there, amidst that stinking mess, there is a blessing. The one link that you probably need to transform your life. Real women dwell in the power of the woman, that inner strength of a woman.  They might wonder and feel lost for a while, but sooner rather than later, they bounce back. Oh ya, real women know that they are not immune, but they know that whatever life brings them, they will emerge as victors.

Since you have read until this point, I know that you are interested. My challenge to you is for you to awaken that power in you. Real women come to a point where they find that inner strength.That force called the power of a woman. The power that enables them to overcome every challenge and emerge victorious. You are stronger, more powerful and more resilient than you think.  You just have to awaken that power in you.This, my friend is the secret behind every real successful woman.

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