About Annette Tush- The Voice Behind The Scenes

About Annette Tush, The Real Woman of Substance Behind The Scenes.


Hi, my name is Annette Tush(-abomwe) and I am so glad you are here. I am thankful that I am able to inspire millions of real women like YOU to live to your destined calling—to be able to realize that you are SACRED, beautiful, and awesome.  Thanks to this amazing tool, the Internet!

The women in my life—my friends, my mothers, my colleagues, my daughters inadvertently inspired me to publish this website for YOU, for real women like you. That I have an amazing outlook at life, that I have uplifted them in immeasurable ways and that I could touch many more lives.  And I could not agree more.

Here is why..... 

Over the years, I have been through some pretty amazing stuff and experiences which most women can borrow a leaf from. For the most part, I have been truly truly blessed—great childhood, amazing family and friends, I now live in one of the best countries in the world, I have an amazing husband and kids, great looks (oh ya, even at my age, I still turn a few heads♥), quite a sharp brain and an amazing magnetic personality.    

Boy oh boy, have I also seen dark days! Some moments have been devastating for lack of a better word. I have been rejected on several occasions; I have had to deal with the loss of my only daughter, as well as my dear family members; I have been ridiculed because of my height,  or lack of it; I have had to spend sleepless nights, trying to figure out how to build meaningful relationships, including my marriage; I have at one point lived in absolute poverty not knowing where the next meal would come from; I could go on and on. 

But guess what, I am so thankful for both these experiences, the stinky ones, as well as the sweet ones. These experiences have made me the real strong woman I am today and my experiences have literally changed women's lives around the globe. 

The turn of events in my life, which at times led me to believe that I was going to drown turned out to be the best experiences that could ever happen to me. I would not be inspiring women  if certain things had not happened. 


At the beginning of 2013, my husband was offered a job here in the United States and we followed him shortly after that. Today, we live in the beautiful state of Connecticut.

Right here, you will find  some truth. But as you may already know, truth is never objective but subjective; it is plural and not singular and we will probably never resolve truth.
However, my hope is that you will weigh my version of truth against yours, and hopefully find a new truth to inspire you to laugh more, live better, forgive more and live up to your greatest potential regardless of your circumstances. 

My goal is to make this world a better place, particularly for women, one day at a time. I see amazing women wasting away, not realizing their real worth. That makes my heart bleed. I challenge women to soar above their circumstances, and live to their calling. To fan that flame within them. 

Where Annette Tush's Story All Began

Born and raised in Uganda, Africa by one amazing terrific woman—one extraordinary woman that I am eternally grateful to; one woman that gave it all to ensure that the 10 of us had the best the world could offer amidst a turbulent relationship with her husband (my dad), I learned great life lessons from this woman of valor at quite a tender age. If you stay long on enough on this website, you will get a glimpse of how this strong woman shaped me. 

For now, click here for 7 Lessons I learned From My Mom About Life and Relationships. 

Fast forward: together  with my husband of over 10 years, we relocated to Canada in 2007  where we lived for about 8 years. During time, I was involved in many ventures, including working with an organization which fought violence against women, giving birth to our three beautiful boys; acquiring my Masters in Education, all because of the amazing seed my mother planted in me. 

This world is unfair to women. They are faced with systemic, cultural and  biological barriers among others, which prevent them from living up to their destined calling. Most women have believed the lies. They have fallen victims of abuse, at work places, in intimate relationships, name it. Most women literally live in bondage and that is not how it should be.

That is not God's plan for His amazing daughters!

The good news is, real women have overcome these barriers and achieved beyond their wildest dreams. I am a living testimony. That is why I have undressed myself over the whole wide web, so that a woman caught up in  limbo, could borrow a leaf or two from my escapades and transform their lives.

It eventually boils to one truth:
The power is in our hands. We have the ability to reclaim it from those who have held us as hostages for decades. Together, we can make this world a better place.