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“When you get a taste of a real woman, the rest of the world never really tastes the same….” 

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Real Women

This website, Soul Food For Real Women is here to inspire all women—to let you as a woman know that you are beautiful, worthy, strong, fantastic, amazing, sacred and super special. 

Unfortunately, in a culture driven by conventional beauty standards and fallacies, most of us do not fit into the definition of beauty and we do not feel worthy. We are too big, too small, too dark, too short, not quite educated, not as groomed, and the list goes on.

But listen very attentively my sister, it takes an incredible amount of strength to be a woman. To be able to endure society's scathing treatment, child birth, balance the needs of children, the needs of partners, the needs of family and extended family, all the basic functionalities of life that usually go so unnoticed and so  unappreciated, being a contributing member of the community, and so on is simply breathtaking.

The way real women balance all this while remaining loving, present, calm, and composed is something I have never been able to wrap my head around. Sometimes I wonder how our parents did it. I am LITERALLY blown away.

This is the true strength of a woman that resides in all real women. For without you holding all this together, the world would fall apart. You are that real woman, and if you are not, you can become that strong woman, that woman of substance using inspirations from this website.


The world may put you down; society may be cruel to you and literally say you are not worthy. Don’t you ever forget—You are more than that cage you are being pushed into.  The very reason Soul Food for Real Women is here, is to walk with you, as you become that Strong Woman of Substance, that wise woman you are destined to be.

Don’t be caught up in the man Vs woman dogma, albeit tempting. Just know that as a real woman, you are more powerful than you think, or even imagine. 

Right here, you will find great inspirations on how real women use a radical approach to tackle ideologies that threaten to put them down including: 

Beauty Stances
Power Of A Woman
Money And Business
Career And Women's Choice
Death Of A Loved One
  Rejection Induced Stress
And much more.


Just sit and relax, I can guarantee you that this is the most sensational information you have ever read about women, from one real woman, who knows what it means to be a woman. Click here to learn about Annette Tush, the voice behind the scenes. 


It is time to remove the barriers, the stigma and the judgments so that women can do what they want to do without any fear. It is about choice. Yes, women can succeed at any career they want!"

Career Advice For Women

The utmost test for real women is how they behave before they fall in love, when they are in love—especially in a marriage setting, and what they do when the relationship goes sour. 


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